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TileLok® - Tratamiento antideslizante

Are YOUR tile floors a potential slip hazard? Do you have to cover your beautiful surfaces with rugs or mats to prevent unintended falls?

The average slip and fall lawsuit costs $20,000-$50,000. If you have tile in your building then you also have a potential slip-and-fall conditions if you aren’t actively managing the situation. That means planning how to handle grease, water, dust, and wax.

Advances in material science have made it possible to increase your floor’s coefficient-of-friction to within the optimal range (0.7 - 0.8) recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s floor safety standards. 

Boosting the coefficient-of-friction of your floor or surface can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.  MARBLELIFE® TileLok® Slip Resistance Treatments can be applied to ceramic, slate, and porcelain tile.

Does your stone servicer provide you dynamic coefficient of friction measurements?  MARBLELIFE does and employs it routinely in our effort to advance floor safety.

Contact us for your free estimate Call 800-1-20-01-69 to locate your nearest MARBLELIFE® office.

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