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TileLok®: mantenimiento de cerámica y boquilla

People equate clean floors with healthy floors.

DID YOU KNOW?  20% of MARBLELIFE®’s restoration business is the result of the use of an inappropriate cleaner? 

Cleaners that incorporate acids can leach the color from your grout and breakdown standard sealers.  Better to use the product MARBLELIFE® Professionals use, available for purchase in our online store.

MARBLELIFE® can restore a uniform appearance to your tile and grout while sealing the surface to prevent future discoloration and staining. Our proprietary COLORSeal treatment is specially formulated to enhance and protect the appearance of your tile grout, while establishing an acid resistant seal.

Prefer a glossy finish to your tile?  Have a worn tile that needs to be reglazed?  What about a mold problem?  Concerned with slip? 

MARBLELIFE® TileLok glazing treatments are inorganic, employing the same chemistry as glass, shielding the organic material and preventing moisture from reaching the surface.

Unlike solutions from other companies, surfaces treated with COLORSeal or TileLok do not require annual retreatments, significantly reducing your maintenance costs.

No matter the location, TileLok treatment can improve the appearance and extend the life of your floors and surfaces:

Hospitals – maintain optimal hygiene for patient care by preventing bacteria from hiding in unprotected grout.
Universities – give students a clean environment to focus on their studies and reduce your overall maintenance costs.
Office Building – enjoy a reduction in tenant complaints, and an increase in occupancy and rental values.
Family – keep your family happy and healthy with beautiful and clean surfaces throughout your home.

Contact us for your free estimate Call 800-1-20-01-69 to locate your nearest MARBLELIFE® office.

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